Serious human rights violation in Montenegro

Lettet to mr Eduard Kukan, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia and current memeber of the European ParliamentLettet to mr Eduard Kukan, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia and current memeber of the European ParliamentDear Mr Kukan, I am very sorry that you issued such a positive report on Montenegro and not mention outragious discrimination against Serbian national minority. Just to mention that although Serbs make 32% of population, only 4% of public administration employees are Serbs. There are no Serbs judges of Supreme, Constitutional and High courts. None of courts presidents in Montenegro is Serb. There are no Serbs principals of schools, directors of hospitals nor health centres, no ambasadors, no directors of state owned companies. Less than 1% of Serbs are police officers, and only 3 out of 450 employees (0.75%) of the only non-reformed State secret police in Europe (Agency for National Security) are Serbs. Although Serbs in Montenegro pay all the taxes and are law abiding citizens, every day we hear insults from the State Radio Television, the so called Public Service. The pressure against Sebs is very radical a month before the regular population census. Montenegrin regime is doing all to reduce the number of people who declare as Serbs. At this moment there are no examples of such a disgraceful discrimination against other ethnic groups in Europe as in Montenegro. In addition, Montenegrin regime (heir to the Communist oParty) is the only one that has never lost power since 1945 when communists committed attrocities and took power in former Yugoslavia. With hope that you will understand the postionio of Serrbian ethnic group in Montenegro and react re human rights violation asking the Montenegrin regime to respect the rights of all its citizens. If you want to find out more on this issue please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Rade Ralevic Slobodna misao – Free Thought (Libertarian-Conservative think tank)

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